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Residential Information About Shawnee Lake

Are you thinking of buying or building a home in our private community? Wonderful, we look forward to having you here at the greatest little neighborhood in Greene County, Ohio. Please check out this website to find more details about our terrific quality of life. In particular, you may wish to read some of the previous issues of Smoke Signals, our community newsletter. We think you're going to love it here. . . we do!

In the meantime, there are a few things you should know:

First, before you buy, call our clerk to find out any outstanding issues with any property that you are considering. For example, sometimes there are past unpaid fines, fees, or even liens that remain with the property. Contact Janet Barker at (937) 902-6194 with the address and/or lot number of the property you are considering.

  • Each property owner shall pay an annual charge as set by the Deed Covenants, currently one hundred dollars ($100.00) per year per lot.

  • In order to join the Shawnee Hills Property Owners Association and have lake-use privileges, a one-time (1) fee of $100.00 per property owner is required and an annual fee of $50.00 per year thereafter. 

Please click on these links to read the Shawnee Hills Property Owners' Association (SHPOA) Deed Covenants and By-Laws carefully. It will make for a much smoother transition into our community.

Responsible Boating

Matt Simpson found a great video on Responsible Boating he would like all to watch. Please click this direct link to watch the video.

Responsible Boating Video

Lake Patrol

For questions about Lake Operations, Boating Rules or related information please click the logo above or visit this link.

Community Building

The Max Powers community building must be rented by a SHPOA member in good standing and
assumes responsibility for the group and the building, and must be present during the entire
function. The requesting member must show their membership card at the time the deposit is
paid. To read the rental agreement please click here to view the Community Building Renter's Agreement or Partial Day Rental Form.

Lake Images:

We get many requests about how deep Shawnee Lake is at different locations. Here is an older map that measured water depth 100 ft from shore and lists locations of planned submerged objects. Click the image below to see a larger version in PDF format for home printing.

Lake Depth Chart


Shawnee Lake: March 1968 after several years of development. (Click to see hi-res image)

SHawnee Lake - 1968

Sheriff's Auctions:

When properties are involved in foreclosures and go to a sheriff?s auction, there is commonly a legal statement made at the time of sale by a representative of the sheriff's department, that declares all liens against the property to be void. Certainly this is the case for bank liens and such. However, our community is like a private club, legally, and as such we are not required to admit membership to our community to anyone unless old fines or fees are paid. Thus, if you are thinking about bidding on a property at auction in the Lake Shawnee community, be sure to call our clerk first, to find out if there are any fines, fees, or penalties that will need to be paid. Then, keep such figures, if any, in mind when you are bidding for the property

SHPOA Monthly Meetings:

Your elected board members meet usually the first or second Monday of the month at the community building. All are welcome and so consult your newsletter or online calendar for actual meeting dates and times. You can also access the meeting Minutes by clicking here and selecting the month preferred.