The Shawnee Hills community needs YOU!

Over the many decades that the Shawnee Hills community has existed, there have been many wonderful events and gatherings which have drawn folks together. Instead of people who happened to live in the same neighborhood, folks here became neighbors and friends. There have been Christmas parties, Fish Fry events, Easter Egg hunts, lake festivals, fishing tournaments, activities on the Fourth of July, card parties, beach activities, Trunk n Treat events, and so much more. But of course, all these events all require good people to help organize and operate them. For many years there was a “Fish and Game” club, whose members worked together to make many of these events into realities. Later this was replaced by a “Community Club,” and its members worked together creating great times and fun events for everyone at the lake. Today, there is no longer a Community Club. Yet last year saw a great group of volunteers undertake a tremendous amount of work to put on the Lake Festival and other events. Nevertheless, sooner or later, some folks move away or cannot help with the activities any longer. So what do we need? 
We need YOU. Let’s get together and bring back lots of fun events, and chances to make neighbors into your good friends. Please call our SHPOA clerk Janet Barker on Monday through Friday, 10 am to 2 pm at 1-937-902-6194, and ask her to add your name to the list of folks who would like to participate in having good times and the lake, and helping organize events for that purpose. Or, just come to the next meeting of the SHPOA Board of Trustees, and let it be known that you are willing to join the fun!