As you probably have noticed over the last few years there has been a steady decline of most of our amenities and grounds around the lake. From complaints about the Community building including the beach area, water slide, and playground equipment to the community docks, public areas, and lake entrances. I have heard and contributed to these complaints for years. The problem is I didn’t have the right to complain because I hadn’t even attended one board meeting to find out what was going on and how I could help improve the community. What I have found since recently joining the Board and becoming head of Maintenance is that we have a very limited budget with little to no volunteers. Our community operates on the smallest budget of any Lake Community in Ohio. So, to make improvements we need volunteers and donations a lot of the time to operate. I’m sure just like me people would like to volunteer and are willing to donate money for improvements to this great community. You just need to know what to volunteer for or what you can donate to.

My response to that is what is important to you? I like volunteering for things that are important to me and improving things that my family uses. If you think the lake entrances need improvement, join the Garden Club. If you would like to see improvements at the Beach, do that. If you just want to help with any general maintenance, then that is great too. Point being, it’s easy to sit back and complain. A little goes a long way. Most of what gets done around the lake is because of volunteers and donations.

Help do your part to make sure this community stays one of the best places to live in Ohio. Contact me, Jake Allen at:, or call 937-681-9025