Summary of Proposed Amendments:

·         Annual dues will change from $100 to $175

·         Move from annual billing to semi-annual billing. First half of annual dues will be billed on March 1 and second half will be billed on September 1.

·         2% automatic annual increase in dues for cost of living adjustment (IE: the 2019 annual dues would increase to $178.50). There will be no increase in years of deflation.

·         $35 annual capital improvement/repair fund that will be charged annually in addition to the annual dues. This will be billed semi-annually along with the annual dues.



Delayed maitenance example.jpg

What are we going to use the additional funds for:

·         Repair & properly maintain existing property- As you know we have had to shut down various community docks that have been deemed unsafe. We will focus on getting all docks repaired or replaced if necessary to ensure they are safe for use.

·         Adequately contribute to our reserve fund- We have not properly funded our reserve fund for a long time. We will budget to contribute more to this account on an annual basis which will help prevent the need for future assessments

·         Improve communication- An investment in technology to communicate more frequently and efficiently to the community

·         Additional amenities- The capital improvement fund will be a method for the lake to plan for major added amenities. Through dialogue with the community we will identify some of the amenities that the community would like most and we will then save and plan for these items through the use of the capital improvement fund.

Resources to assist with the following- see below

·         Access- Provide more access to lake personnel throughout the week to help get immediate responses to requests such as billing inquiries, boat stickers, community building rentals, community complaints, etc. The goal is to have one point of contact for the community to ensure all of their needs are met in a timely manner. This person will also be responsible for coordinating our community response to common problems such as geese, pest control, unsightly properties & other By-Law violations.

·         Events- Have more organized community events throughout the year to ensure all of our events are planned and executed at the highest level.

·         Property maintenance- Coordinate and oversee all aspects of lake property maintenance to ensure our contractors are providing quality service and reasonable prices. Also ensure that all property is being maintained and repaired in a timely manner.

·         Strategic planning- Identify ways we can improve our community and bring action plan to the board