Annual Dues Proposal Update: December, 2018

Thanks to everyone who voted on the recent proposed amendment to increase the annual dues. Unfortunately, the proposal did not pass by a slim margin of 28 votes. We received great support from the community with roughly 62% of the community voting for the increase, however this is short of the required 67%, as stated in our Deed Covenants.


As a Board we are looking at the results and will determine how to proceed going forward from a fee perspective. We are encouraged that the most recent results are significantly improved from the vote 2-years ago that did not pass by approximately 88 votes. It is apparent that the majority in the community want to see major improvements, which would be possible with an increase. For that reason, we will continue to pursue ways to increase our fees as we feel it is in the best interest of our community. Once a plan is put in place on how to proceed, we will be sure to communicate that information appropriately to the entire community.

———Todd Gossett, Treasurer, and the entire SHPOA Board of Trustees.

NOTICE: The Lake Valve is NOW OPEN to drain the water down to winter pool levels

NOTICE: The Lake Valve is opened each year on November 15th, to drain the water down to winter pool levels. There was a 2-delay this year, due to too much water overtopping the spillway on Thursday, Dec 15th. However, as of the afternoon of Sunday, Nov 18th, the valve was opened. This is designed to lower the water by about 7 feet, which will hopefully help to protect docks, seawalls, and other lakeside structures from damage caused by heavy ice. The valve will be closed again to refill the lake to summer pool levels on the first day of March, 2019, IF the board is satisfied that there is no heavy ice on the water at that time.

Please Secure Any Debris Which Might Float Out Into the Lake

Shawnee Hills Residents, our current president, Karen Ragland, has asked all of us to please pay careful attention to any debris you may have along the shoreline. Today there are Christmas trees, construction lumber, and other junk items floating around the lake. These pose hazards to boaters, and may get lodged someplace and forgotten until warm weather, when swimmers could get injured by unseen hazards. Please remove any lumber, brush, firewood, etc, to higher ground, where it won't likely float away. Thank you.

PLEASE be SAFE and courteous on the lake


June 25, 2017

Recently SHPOA trustees have gotten phone calls late at night with callers complaining that boats are out on the lake after dark running fast enough to make a wake, and playing their music at levels much too loud. PLEASE use common courtesy and common sense at all times when on Shawnee Lake; but especially at night. While some folks see the night time as a great time to party hearty, other folks are trying to enjoy a quiet sunset, or to put their young children to sleep. 

If complaints continue, Lake Patrol will be forced to do as it has in the past, and confront these noisy boaters on the lake. Several years ago late at night one trustee quietly motored up to a noisy boatload of people to tell to quiet down. When he pulled up beside their boat, he instantly saw several people drinking alcohol. There is more to this story, but suffice it to say that the property owner and all his/her family members were immediately banned from the lake for 12 months. 

Please, don't let this happen to you. Use courtesy and common sense on the lake, and obey state law and our own by-laws, rules, and regulations. Keep your late-night boating fun safe and discreet. 

Again we ask you, PLEASE. 


Goose Poop


At our June meeting of the SHPOA Board of Trustees, representatives from the Ohio Division of Wildlife gave a really good presentation on how to deal with an excessive and troublesome population of wild geese on our lake. This problem is apparently widespread throughout Ohio, so we are not alone.

The presenters showed us a great slideshow, and answered, many questions from an interested audience. Basically, we learned several methods which are legal to use in discouraging geese from choosing our lake as their permanent home. We were given some very informative literature, which we hope to add to this website in the near future, as time allows.

In the meantime, the one most-important piece of advice which they said we should listen to was, “PLEASE don’t feed the geese!”