Drop-Off Hazardous Waste, Scrap Metal, Large Household Appliances

Tomorrow, December 18, 2018, will be the last SPECIAL WASTE DROP OFF EVENT by Greene County Environmental Services, for all residents of Greene County, Ohio.

Time: tomorrow from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm (December 18th, 2018)

Location: Greene Co Environmental Services, 2145 Greene Way Blvd, Xenia, OH, 45385

Phone for info: (937) 562-5925, Fax: (937) 562-5940

This is your FREE last chance in 2018 to get rid of that old refrigerator or washing machine, or harsh household chemicals like acids, insecticides, paint, etc for FREE.

(This location is across the street from Rural King, to the west down that side street which runs beside the place where Greene County stores their road salt and snow plows.)

Materials Accepted include Household Hazardous Waste such as:

Acids & Cleaners - Aerosol Cans - Antifreeze - Herbicides & Fertilizers - Insecticides & Pesticides - Putty & Adhesives - Fuel (up to five gallons); Gasoline & Kerosene - Paint, Stains, Varnishes & Paint thinner - Tube-type Fluorescent bulbs (unbroken)

Also Accepted are Scrap Metal and Large Household Appliances, such as:

Furnaces & Heaters - Gas & Charcoal - Steel Sinks & Bathtubs - Fencing & Scrap Metal - Metal Pipes - Aluminum - Appliances such as Stoves, Ovens, Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers, Microwaves

INCLUDING Appliances with Freon, such as: Freezers & Refrigerators (you must remove doors), Dehumidifiers, & Window Air Conditioners

NOTE: This FREE Special Waste Drop-Off event is for Residential, Household-type waste. Business waste not accepted. All materials accepted at Environmental Services’ discretion.