The Gossett family

The Gossett family


It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to serve as Treasurer of this amazing lake community.

I want to extend my gratitude to all who have donated time and money to make this one of the most memorable summers we’ve had in recent years.  Hopefully, all of you were able to enjoy the new beach building (built primarily with donated funds) as well as attend one (if not all) of the special events offered over the course of the summer. As a board, we approved a special edition of SMOKE SIGNALS to communicate a few important amendments that will be voted on by you during November.

Due in part to the generosity of our lake community members, we have been able to improve and enhance several aspects of the community (i.e. new beach building, entrance signs, and community events). Unfortunately, this is not a sustainable model and we cannot continue to rely on donations to bridge the gap between the many needs of this community and the income generated thru our annual dues. For that reason we are asking the community to vote YES in November for a project we are calling:


Over the last fifteen years our costs to operate the lake have increased significantly with no increase in our annual dues. This has led to a shortfall of available funds for general upkeep, maintenance, and overall lake community improvements. These proposed amendments are based on projected future needs and market comparative data of similar lake communities. Our goal was to develop a fee structure that is reasonable and not overly burdensome, that once approved, will help protect our current investment at the lake AND invest for the future. To help minimize the financial impact of the increase we have proposed to move to semi-annual billing. Throughout this special news section of our website we have provided additional information as to Why this is needed and What we are going to use the additional funds for.

There will be a special board meeting for the public on Monday November 13th at 7 P.M. to answer any questions you might have. Thank you for your consideration of this very important AWAKE THE LAKE project!

QUESTIONS? Of course you have some questions. Todd has created an excellent "Frequently Asked Questions" page for you. Please click on the link below:

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about upcoming vote on new Amendments