Why are these changes needed now:

·         Protect our investment- There has not been an increase in the annual fees in well over 20 years and as a result we have a lot of delayed maintenance in our lake community. This is evident from the condition of our community docks, beach building, picnic area, and other aspects of our common areas. Our property values are dependent on keeping all aspects of the lake in as best condition as possible.

·         Sustainability- Our current fee structure is not adequate to support our operations, maintain our common areas for our community to enjoy, or invest for future repairs and improvements.  With our current structure we are over reliant on donations to fund improvements and large assessments to fund necessary repairs. These changes are necessary to ensure our property values are maintained and improved into the future.

·         Rising Cost- The cost to offer services such as lifeguards at the beach, frequent lake patrol, property maintenance, etc. has continued to increase but our fees have stayed flat. For this reason we have had to operate on a very limited budget and cut back on needed expenses to help maintain and improve the lake

Accessibility- We often hear complaints about property owners not being able to easily access the lake board or other lake management.  With the additional funds we plan to invest in lake personnel and technology to respond to this common complaint.