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MEETING NOTICE: The next meeting of the SHPOA Board of Trustees is scheduled for Monday February 4th, at 7 pm, at the Max Powers Community Building on Beach Trail.  All residents of the Shawnee Hills Property Owner's Association properties are urged to attend.

NOTICE: The Lake Valve is opened each year on November 15th, to drain the water down to winter pool levels. This is designed to lower the water by about 7 feet, which will hopefully help to protect docks, seawalls, and other lakeside structures from damage caused by heavy ice. THE VALVE WILL BE CLOSED AGAIN TO REFILL THE LAKE TO SUMMER POOL LEVELS ON THE FIRST DAY OF MARCH, 2019, IF the board is satisfied that there is no heavy ice on the water at that time.

Annual Dues proposal election update:

Thanks to everyone who voted on the recent proposed amendment to increase the annual dues. Unfortunately, the proposal did not pass by a slim margin of 28 votes. We received great support from the community with roughly 62% of the community voting for the increase, however this is short of the required 67%, as stated in our Deed Covenants.

 As a Board we are looking at the results and will determine how to proceed going forward from a fee perspective. We are encouraged that the most recent results are significantly improved from the vote 2-years ago that did not pass by approximately 88 votes. It is apparent that the majority in the community want to see major improvements, which would be possible with an increase. For that reason, we will continue to pursue ways to increase our fees as we feel it is in the best interest of our community. Once a plan is put in place on how to proceed, we will be sure to communicate that information appropriately to the entire community.

LAKE PATROL INFO re Boat Stickers

At this time of year, special dates for BOAT STICKER sales are over. 2018 boat stickers will remain good for use until the SHPOA Annual Open Meeting in April, 2019. After that date, all watercraft must display a 2019 boat sticker when on the lake.

If you acquire a new boat (new to you, of course), you can call Matt Simpson at the number below, and he will work to accommodate you with new stickers. If you already own a boat, but have not yet purchased your annual boat sticker, you'll need to come to the next SHPOA Board of Trustees meeting, before the meeting begins to obtain one. (See meeting dates & times listed above.) Otherwise, the only way to obtain a boat sticker now is to flag down the Lake Patrol boat, and ask them if they have any stickers with them that day (NOTE: Do not launch your boat without a sticker on it, while planning to flag down Lake Patrol. This could result in a citation.) You can go to the boat ramp, and see if the Lake Patrol pontoon boat is on the boat lift. If not, then Lake Patrol is likely on the lake. You can go to any of our community docks and wait for them to pass by, and flag them over to ask to buy a sticker. 

       Boat sticker prices for the 2018 season:           

  • $60.00 Gas Powered Watercraft

  • $30.00 Non-Gas powered Watercraft

Membership card and Title or Registration are required.

MATT SIMPSON 937-675-9054 mjsimpson2@woh.rr.com 


February 8, 2018


The board has ask me to set up a few suggested guide lines when placing fish structure into Shawnee Lake.
 First of all, almost any type of structure is going to help the fish population in our lake. But you must consider more than just the fish, when deciding the What-Where-When to put in structure. Whatever the material is that the structure is made of, it should be flexible, not sharp and be secured as well as possible. Keep in mind that even though you may be putting the structure in at a no-swimming or boating location - there is always the possibility that someone may disobey the rules or accidentally slip into the water in that area. So keep in mind the safety of anyone and everyone when locating where to place fish structure.

The other main concern is the reliability/lifespan of the material used to secure the structure. Even though “zip ties” are easy, inexpensive and seem strong, they will break down and crack in a very short time due to exposure to water, sun and extreme hot or cold temperatures.  

Another issue is whether you are installing structure at a personal lake front property of your own, or would like structure placed at an Association property such as one of the common area docks. ANY structure placed in a location other than YOUR personal dock, MUST BE APPROVED BY THE SHPOA BOARD before being installed. This is not only for liability reasons, but also that plans might be to have that area (maybe a dock) worked on or replaced in which case the structure might interfere with that project. So be sure and check first!

Some recommended “tie down” materials would be aluminum or stainless steel wire, electrical fence wire which is less expensive than the previous examples and is galvanized which will hold up to the wet conditions longer than regular wire.



Board of Trustees Candidate Nomination/Bio Form

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ATTN: When wake surfing please stay in the middle of the lake or at least 200ft from shore.

Photo gallery

Click on the photos below to see a gallery of photos from this past summer featuring hard work accomplished by volunteers, and good times which were had at the beach and the lake

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