MEETING NOTICE: Mark your calendar now and plan to attend the Shawnee Hills Property Owners’ Association Annual Meeting on Sunday, April 7th, at 2 pm. This is your best opportunity of the year to meet your neighbors and your elected trustees, and to find the “state of the community” information that we all need. Come prepared to ask any questions that you may have, and to enjoy the fellowship of your neighbors.

Boat stickers will be available for the first time this year one hour before the meeting, and one hour after the meeting. Stickers will not be offered while the meeting is in progress. After the meeting, all boats on Shawnee Lake will be required to display the new 2019 stickers  All residents of the Shawnee Hills Property Owner's Association properties are urged to attend.


Congratulations to Angie Truman and Garrett Sagraves! We welcome you both to the Board of Trustees for Shawnee Hills. Thank you to everyone who ran for the open positions. We are confident both Garrett and Angie will provide valuable input for the future of the community. Thank you to all that took the time out of your schedule to vote. Lets make the lake great!!!


Saturday March 30th
8:00 am at the Max Powers Community Building
Call the Caesar Creek Park Office at 937-897-3055 to register.

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Dear Shawnee Hills Residents,
On February 16th the SHPOA Board of Trustees discussed the extensive amount of rain we have had over this winter season, and the recent damage caused by the ice to docks. While it has always been the trustee’s policy to never delay the closing of the valve and refilling of the lake, this year our circumstances are extreme. Thus, the board has voted to keep the valve open until April 1, 2019.  We realize some of you may be ready to get out on the lake earlier this Spring, however in the best interest of the entire community, more time is needed for repairs of private and public docks. This will also allow owners time to remove broken/damaged docks, so they do not become a possible hazard to ALL lake users this summer.  We wanted to get this notice out ASAP so that you can start repairs before the firm close date of the valve on April 1, 2019. The valve closing will not be delayed again this year, regardless of weather conditions or water levels between now and April 1st. 
Sincerely, SHPOA Board of Trustees

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Annual Dues proposal election update:

Thanks to everyone who voted on the recent proposed amendment to increase the annual dues. Unfortunately, the proposal did not pass by a slim margin of 28 votes. We received great support from the community with roughly 62% of the community voting for the increase, however this is short of the required 67%, as stated in our Deed Covenants.

 As a Board we are looking at the results and will determine how to proceed going forward from a fee perspective. We are encouraged that the most recent results are significantly improved from the vote 2-years ago that did not pass by approximately 88 votes. It is apparent that the majority in the community want to see major improvements, which would be possible with an increase. For that reason, we will continue to pursue ways to increase our fees as we feel it is in the best interest of our community. Once a plan is put in place on how to proceed, we will be sure to communicate that information appropriately to the entire community.

ATTN: When wake surfing please stay in the middle of the lake or at least 200ft from shore.

Photo gallery

Click on the photos below to see a gallery of photos from this past summer featuring hard work accomplished by volunteers, and good times which were had at the beach and the lake

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